Krakow Curling Club

Krakow Curling Club

The date was October 5th, 2002 when a group of young people founded Krakow Curling Club (Krakowski Klub Curlingowy). It was due to a common goal which was promoting curling – at that times almost unknown in Poland yet very interesting sport discipline – that after a couple of months of hard work the Club was officially registered on March 11, 2003. Since that day Krakow Curling Club has officially been recognised as a sport club, to be the first and only one in Krakow and one of the firsts in Poland!

From the very beginning Krakow Curling Club has actively been taking part in creating curling environment not only in Krakow but Poland as well. In the year of 2005 Polish Curling Association (Polski Związek Curlingu) was established and the Club was one of the cofounders.

Throughout its existence Krakow Curling Club is continually growing and evolving. The most important steps are mentioned below. In November 2003 the eight members went to Warsaw for the first curling practices! In 2004 two teams from Krakow Curling Club took part in the 1st Curling Championship in Poland. One of them reached 6th place, which automatically promoted it to the next season finals. From the following year the trainings in Gliwice were organized. In 2006 curling was played for the first time in Krakow! During the event called „Winter Holidays with Curling” and organised by the Club, children and teenagers could get familiar with curling during a set of open trainings. Since 2008 the Club members have been practicing locally, in Krakow, having its own equipment and ice accessibility. Since 2010 however they may either participate in camps organized by the Club in Pawłowice on a dedicated curling rink.

Having best interest of the Club development as seen from the organization and individual curlers perspective, the Club representatives are participating in numerous events in and outside of Poland. Its members completed the WCF Instructor Course (2006, 2011), WCF Basic Umpire Course (2011), WCF Ice Technician Course (2010) and WCF Wheelchair Instructor Course (2011). On the other hand, they took part in WCF Curling Camps in Prague and Budapest(2009, 2010, 2011), Junior Curling Camp in Fussen (2010) and Polish Curling Camp in Lodz (2011).

Krakow Curling Club is competing every year in Polish Curling Championships and other local senior, junior and mixed tournaments. The Club is also present in international bonspiels, teams from Krakow were playing in Tallin, Riga, Prague, Budapest, Cieszyn or Brasov.

Among the sport successes there are gaining the 3rd place in the 3rd Polish Curling Championship and the 6th place in the 1st Polish Curling Championship (team KKC1) and 2nd place in Junior Curling Championship (K. Nowakowski).

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